About us

KHUSELA is a progressive travel photography website and bimonthly email. Every second week we publish and email an inspirational travel photo story directly to our readers across the globe.

The inspiration to launch KHUSELA came in 2012 when founder Pieter Stander became the Art Director of Traveller magazine, the UK’s longest-running travel magazine. While publishing articles by leading explorers, adventurers, photographers and travel writers for Traveller, Stander had the urge to find and share similar stories with a wider audience. And so KHUSELA was born.

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Here at KHUSELA we have one goal – to inspire. If we can inspire or provoke just one person a week to travel, be creative, have faith, believe, or simply share, we’ll be thrilled.

Talented travel photographers from around the globe regularly submit travel photo stories to us, which we carefully select and promote in the hope of creating powerful and emotional connections with our readers.
The word ‘KHUSELA’ derives from a Zulu word, meaning ‘inspired’ or ‘inspire’.
The KHUSELA Foundation was designed to raise money for a well deserving charity, Africa Foundation. Without education rural people often cannot break out of the cycle of poverty. In remote communities, schools are often overlooked and have a chronic lack of basic resources.

Since its founding, Africa Foundation has made the building and improvement of preschools, primary schools and high schools a priority. In addition, it develops and funds scholarship programs, conducts vocational training, facilitates adult education and supports orphaned and vulnerable children.

Our aim is to raise £10,000 to build a classroom in an under-resourced school in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We will raise money on this website through JustGiving and 10% of all photo sales will go to this charity.

In future we aim to work closely with these communities to teach them basic photography skills and hopefully supply them with the necessary equipment to develop these skills. Perhaps one day we may even be able to help send someone to university or college.
Only images and photo stories featured on the ‘Buy Images’ page are for sale. They can be bought as single images or as a set and are available for editorial or commercial projects only. Cost will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the image, size and scope of use. Please contact us for more information and pricing.
We work closely with our photographers and want to give them as much exposure as possible by publishing and selling their best work. We are always interested in receiving new photo stories from talented travel photographers from all skill levels and walks of life.

We offer our photographers 60% of any sales made through this website and a further 10% will go to charity. If you’re a travel photographer and you have an inspirational travel photo story you wish to share, then please do get in touch for submission information.