Boaz Rottem

Boaz Rottem

Boaz Rottem

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Boaz Rottem uses his camera as a medium, not only to capture and interact with his surroundings, but also to transcend the borders of language, time, space and political boundaries. If everyday life is covered with the thick gauze of formalities – the cumbersomeness of communicating in a foreign language, the separating walls of gender, cultural norms and taboos – the camera has become instrumental for Boaz in lifting the veil of superficialities and to showcase the spirit of the person standing behind it. People open their hearts to the shuttered eye of the camera, offering insight into their souls, their personalities, their joy and pain. It is that glimpse into life that Boaz strives to capture in his photography – a documentation of the human condition. Raw, undefined and superbly human, Boaz strives to capture the moments that highlight the commonalities of our human existence, the beauty of the physical world that surrounds us. Boaz sees, through his camera, using his eye of his heart.

Boaz Rottem was born in the United Sates and raised in the USA & Mid East. He began his travelling and photography in the framework of his work as an irrigation consultant. He is now a full time photographer and focuses his career documenting the lives of people in Asia and Africa.

His recent assignments include Tanzania, Bosnia, China, Singapore, Italy, Uzbekistan (Aral sea), Sri Lanka, The Silk Road and Ethiopia.