Charm of China

Charm of ChinaCharm of China | S01901 | buy


Location: Guangxi, South China
Date: March 2014
Photographer: Victoria Knobloch

In March 2014 Victoria Knobloch traveled to the southern Chinese province of Guangxi. She was in search of tranquility, beauty and the little worlds of the ordinary people. She found it in almost every corner of this stunning, scenic unbelievable beautiful area.

She brought home works that are timeless, life affirming and often appear almost mystical. Her portraits, landscapes and daily situations are touching encounters with the country and it’s people. In the rural areas of China life is still slow and balanced. With her photographic skills she is showcasing the beauty of this simplicity, especially with the melancholy premonition that this simplicity someday eventually will disappear.


Chinese girlChinese girl | S01902 | buy


Morning moodMorning mood | S01909 | buy


HappinessHappiness | S01914 | buy


Old man in DazhaiOld man in Dazhai | S01919 | buy


Portrai of old chinese man in a small villagePortrai of old chinese man in a small village | S01923 | buy


Silence on Li RiverSilence on Li River | S01929 | buy


Wooden houses in ricefieldsWooden houses in ricefields | S01933 | buy


XingpingXingping | S019036 | buy


Artists paradiseArtists paradise | S01946 | buy


Dazhai villageDazhai village | S01948 | buy


Comoran fisherman in XingpingComoran fisherman in Xingping | S01960 | buy


Conversation of two men in DaxuConversation of two men in Daxu | S01969 | buy

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