Christina Feldt


Christina Feldt

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Christina Feldt is a travel photographer based in Berlin, Germany and she has documented many countries and people all over the world with her camera, especially in Asia and Africa. Since she purchased her first professional camera in 2004, she has been addicted to photography and photojournalism. She never travels without her camera and loves to document other people’s life and the small moments that move us around the world. Her big passion is Africa, especially Ethiopia, and her photographic style is defined by powerful colours, street photography scenes, but also faces, moments of everyday life and a very close approach on people.

Christina attended photojournalism classes at Ruido Photography School in Barcelona and participated at international workshops with photographers such as Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb, Guenther Deichmann, Stephe McCurry, Edu Ponces, etc. Christina has lived in countries such as Brazil, Spain, and the U.S., she has traveled extensively all over South America, Asia and Africa, and is now based in Berlin. The big wide world remains her home though.

Christina’s photographic work is driven by her restless desire and curiosity about other countries and their people. She loves to wander, observe and abandon routine. She likes to cross boundaries of cultures and language, searching for pure and essential moments…in a face, in a movement, in a daily life, in an action.

“I hope that my images can inspire and touch others, bringing people from the other side of the world a tiny step closer to us. If I can achieve this through my photography, then a big dream is fulfilled.”