Himalayan sunrise and Bhaktapur

Watching the sunrise over Mount Everest and the HimalayasWatching the sunrise over Mount Everest and the Himalayas | S01601 | buy


Location: Kathmandu, Nagakot and Bhaktapur, Nepal
Date: 13 December 2012
Photographer: Tom Hanslien

On our last day in Kathmandu, Shree Family Guest House arrange for us to go to Nagakot Tower Viewpoint for the sunrise over Everest. We leave at 05:00 and the drive to Nagakot takes about an hour. Our driver is very happy, enthusiastic and chatty, but tired. The journey goes by quickly and we get to the viewpoint about 30 minutes before sunrise. It’s fairly cloudy and misty, but the view is magnificent as we see the sun rising over the Himalayas, right next to Everest.

After sunrise we go down to the car and have a nice breakfast cooked for us in one of the small huts next to the parking lot. It’s very nice to sit by the fire outside the hut, warming our hands and feet, although afterwards we reek of bonfire of course.

From Nagarkot the trip go back in towards Kathmandu with a few hours stop in the ancient city of Bhaktapur. If in Kathmandu, you should make sure you get to visit this city, only 20-odd minutes drive away by car if the traffic isn’t too bad. I’m sure there are plenty of busses one can take as well if on a budget. The whole city is a museum of old buildings with very intricate carvings. It’s still very much a busy city, despite being a UNESCO World Heritage site. People still occupy the houses and live and work within the city. How good that is for the preservation of the buildings I don’t know, but they’ve obviously been taking very good care of it until now. It’s a slightly difficult place to maneuver even after we get our bearings on the map we get together with the entrance ticket – it’s not the most accurate map, with black-spots where they insert small pictures of monuments covering essential info about which exit to take out of a square, or which alleyway to head down to get in the right direction. Even so we are able to get back to our driver at the right place and agreed time. From here we head back to the guest house and say good-bye to our driver who deserve a generous tip, and we hope he’s able to go home for a well-earned rest.


A dog curiously watching life go byA dog curiously watching life go by | S01603 | buy


Peacock Window Handicraft CentrePeacock Window Handicraft Centre | S01605 | buy


A bucket of meat-stripped bones outside an abattoirA bucket of meat-stripped bones outside an abattoir | S01606 | buy


Textile marketTextile market | S01607 | buy


Taumadhi SquareTaumadhi Square | S01608 | buy


Durbar SquareDurbar Square | S01611 | buy


The famous Pottery SquareThe famous Pottery Square | S01613 | buy


Ceramics production by the famous Pottery SquareCeramics production by the famous Pottery Square | S01614 | buy


Discarded ceramics by the famous Pottery SquareDiscarded ceramics by the famous Pottery Square | S01615 | buy

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