KHUSELA website launch

KHUSELA website launch

KHUSELA is pleased to announce the launch of our new progressive travel photo website. Every second week we will publish and email an inspirational travel photo story directly to our readers across the globe.

We’re very honoured to launch KHUSELA with four different stories from four highly talented travel photographers.

Dario Endara is curious to find out what draws people’s attention to the charming, welcoming and beautiful city of Havana, Cuba. He only has one day to find out!

Christina Feldt takes us to the cruellest and hottest inhabited place on Earth, the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, where teams of Afar and Tigrayans people gather daily to mine the salt and transport it by camel and donkey.

Andy Callan talks about the importance of the elephant in Thailand, their likeness, and the irony that the elephant can be so greatly revered by the people of Thailand, and still be so poorly treated.

Marcin Mikolajczuk visits the natives of La Palma, who lived in caves since forever and talks about the nowadays tendency to get back to the caves in search of a way of living closer to nature.

If you have an inspirational travel photo story you wish to publish and share with the world, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provided on the website make it easy for our readers to post comments or retrieve the latest stories and information. Please also subscribe to our weekly newsletter not to miss out!

Thank you for your time and we look forward to your comments or working with you in the future.

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