Marcin Mikolajczuk


Marcin Mikolajczuk

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Marcin Mikolajczuk is a freelance photographer specialising in photojournalism and fine art photography. Born in Poland, he has lived in London, New York, Alaska, Guadalajara (Mexico) and Barcelona among other destinations. His personal “journey” has helped to sculpt his individual shooting style which is continuously being reinvented and developed. His images tell stories, evoke emotions or represent the subject in its natural context. In his fine art photography he uses natural elements bringing to life a surreal world that is both beautiful and simple. He plays with light and water, he uses different angles, always capturing the mystery of places he visits or lives in. He often looks at the sun, the moon and the clouds, because those elements remind us that there is a bigger world around us. He explores, discovers and creates within his own perimeters of experience.

His photographs have been displayed in many exhibitions and his prints can be found in numerous private collections around the world. Marcin’s work has been acknowledged recently by international awards such as Travel Photographer of the Year and Environmental Photographer of the Year. Now he is based on the island of La Palma, Spain, where he is involved in numerous projects.