The Modern Explorers

The Modern Explorers

thumbnailEdited by Robin Hanbury-Tenison and Robert Twigger

Exploration has never been more popular and any idea that there is nowhere left to explore is instantly disproved by the contemporary explorers who are showcased here. The explorers themselves wrote most of the accounts, and they all vividly describe challenging and extraordinary expeditions to some of the remotest parts of the world, in extremes of temperature and aridity, often alone and on the edge of danger.

The cast of contributors are drawn from all over the globe, including Australia, America, China, France, Britain, Norway and elsewhere, and both editors are well-known and experienced explorers. Their choice of men and women who have travelled from the frozen poles to the hottest deserts, mountain tops to the ocean depths, range from those who are very experienced and are already celebrated worldwide, such as Ranulph Fiennes, Pen Hadow, Chris Bonington, Tim Severin and Rebecca Stephens to those who are younger, and just starting to make their mark.

Their personal stories are thrilling accounts no one else could tell, providing a unique insight into what it is actually like to be on an expedition. Their adventures include being dragged through the rooftop of the rainforest canopy in an inflatable raft suspended by a balloon; walking across the fiercest, most inhospitable deserts with dwindling water supplies; inching up a sheer rock wall to conquer a summit no one has climbed before; standing on the edge of an erupting volcano, and pedalling a boat across the Pacific. All these men and women are driven by ambition, aspiration and passion, proving that the true spirit of exploration is alive and well.

Robin Hanbury-Tenison has been described by the Spectator as the doyen of British explorers. He was a founder and is now President of SurvivaI International and has led many expeditions, including the first crossings of South America by land from east to west and by river from north to south, and as leader of the Royal Geographical Society’s largest scientific expedition to the interior of Borneo. He is author and editor of numerous books including The Seventy Great Journeys in History and The Great Explorers, both published by Thames & Hudson.

Robert Twigger is a writer and explorer who have written eight books, including Angry White Pyjamas, which won the William Hill Sportsbook of the Year and the Somerset Maugham award. His book Voyageur covered a three-year journey across northern Canada in a handmade birchbark canoe. In 2010, he was the first person to cross the Egyptian Great Sand Sea on foot..

Published September 2013 by Thames & Hudson
Hardcover with jacket, 304 pages with 268 illustrations, 256 in colour
Size: 24.6 x 18.6 cm
ISBN: 978 0 500 516843
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