Travel Photographers

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dario-endara-profileDario Endara

Dario Endara is an American photographer living in the Netherlands. His passion for travel photography has taken him to more than 30 countries, creating a vast collection of images of people and places from around the world. His goal in life is to cover as much of the globe as possible and explore what it has to offer. When he’s not traveling the globe, he dedicate his time to photograph weddings.

christina-feldt-profileChristina Feldt

Christina Feldt is a travel photographer based in Berlin, Germany and she has documented many countries and people all over the world with her camera, especially in Asia and Africa. Since she purchased her first professional camera in 2004, she has been addicted to photography and photojournalism. She never travels without her camera and loves to document other people’s life and the small moments that move us around the world. Her big passion is Africa, especially Ethiopia …more

andy-callan-profileAndy Callan

Andy Callan has been a photographer for fifteen years, since completing an HND at Cheltenham and Gloucester College. He specialise in travel photography and photojournalism, producing features and stories for numerous publications globally. He has a passion for travel and people as well as photography, and has been privileged enough to have been given the opportunity to explore some of the more remote parts of the world, meet the inhabitants and share in their stories. He’s currently working on …more

marcin-mikolajczuk-profileMarcin Mikolajczuk

Marcin Mikolajczuk is a freelance photographer specialized in photojournalism and fine art photography. Born in Poland, he has lived in London, New York, Alaska, Guadalajara (Mexico) and Barcelona among other destinations. His personal “journey” has helped to sculpt his individual shooting style which is continuously being reinvented and developed. His images tell stories, evoke emotions or represent the subject in its natural context. In his fine art photography he uses natural elements bringing …more

gali-tibbon-profileGali Tibbon

Gali Tibbon is an award-winning photographer based in Jerusalem. Her work explores the theme of religion, focusing on faith through pilgrimage and rituals, baptism in the Jordan River, Christianity in Jerusalem and Ethiopian Christianity. With over a decade of experience in the Middle East, Tibbon’s work has taken her on assignments across the globe. Gali’s images are published regularly in renowned magazines and newspapers worldwide. Her pictures are exhibited in museums, galleries …more

Nick JacksonNick Jackson

Nick Jackson is an award winning Lancashire-born photographer based in London. He specialise in landscape and nature photography captured in his native UK and on his travels abroad. He recently returned from expeditions to South Africa and Iceland, and a city break to New York. Much of his recent work utilises High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. HDR imaging allows for a more dramatic contrast within the lightest and darkest elements of a frame, resulting in a more intense image …more

Etienne DesclidesEtienne Desclides

Etienne Desclides, born in 1978, is a French photographer and Art Director. He started working as an info graphic designer for French medias (Le Monde, Liberation, BFM, Europe 1) right after journalism school. Today, he works as creative director for digital advertising companies in Paris (Megalo, Soleil Noir – McCann Erickson) and publishes his recent works in his digital photo diary,

Boaz RottemBoaz Rottem

Boaz Rottem uses his camera as a medium, not only to capture and interact with his surroundings, but also to transcend the borders of language, time, space and political boundaries. If everyday life is covered with the thick gauze of formalities – the cumbersomeness of communicating in a foreign language, the separating walls of gender, cultural norms and taboos – the camera has become instrumental for Boaz in lifting the veil of superficialities and to showcase the spirit of the person standing …more

Luke DugglebyLuke Duggleby

Born in York, England, in 1977 Luke Duggleby has been based in Thailand since 2003 since completing a degree in photography in the UK. He specializes in documentary and travel photography. Traveling the globe yet focusing and specializing in Asia, for the past decade he has undertaken assignments and worked on personal projects all over the continent for many of the worlds most respected publications and NGO’s. Over the years his images have been awarded honors in international photography …more

Roberto MoiolaRoberto Moiola

Roberto Sysa Moiola, born 1978 in Morbegno (SO), Valtellina, where he still lives surrounded by his beloved Alps. Professional freelance photographer since 2000, he works with the main magazines of the sector concerning mountain landscape, yet not disdaining collaborations related to other aspects of nature and travels. He has travelled through Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, always in an adventurous mood and with simple means, moved by his great passion for nature …more

Roberto MoiolaJavad Tizmaghz

Javad Tizmaghz started photographing professionally in 2007. Since then he has embraced and exerted in different kinds of photography. From shooting for fashion magazines and being the chef photographer of a food and lifestyle magazine to photojournalism assignments around the world to promotional product and event photography, he has done it all. Alongside his commercial assignments he is also dedicated to developing his personal projects. Which have mostly been focused on …more

Tom HanslienTom Hanslien

Tom Hanslien is always dedicated to fulfil any brief. He has a problem-solving approach, a very keen eye, and an excellent understanding of composition. This, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of post production, and the following process of design and artwork, ensures he can exceed expectations. Tom always prides himself in delivering a finished product on schedule and on budget. Tom also enjoys a big love for travelling, which not only takes him around the world – with many great new images as …more

Marco GaiottiMarco Gaiotti

Marco Gaiotti was born in Genoa in 1983 and began travelling the world as a child together with his parents. At the age of 18 he started exploring on his own the wild mountain ranges of our planet, visiting several times the Himalayas and South American Andes. In 2007 he discovered, almost by chance, the African wilderness and the passion for wildlife photography, which brings him almost every year to come back to this continent. Year after year, he learns the techniques behind digital photography, …more

Alexander MacfarlaneAlexander Macfarlane

Alexander Macfarlane is a London based photographer specialising in travel, street life, portraits, and urban landscape. Having travelled from a young age, seeing and experiencing foreign cultures first hand changed the way he saw the world. It is the excitement of that first impression that he tries to capture in his photography. After graduating from university with a Politics degree, Alexander moved to Japan. The urban fabric …more

Victoria KnoblochVictoria Knobloch

Victoria Knobloch is a German photographer who concentrates on black and white portrait art and documentary work. Her favourite subjects are the character portrait, street photography as well as documentaries with social and ecological impact. She has a sharp eye and a noble sense and is attracted by capturing the essence of people’s struggles, delights and human emotions in their widest variety. Her work embraces the fields of vanishing cultures …more

Erik Janse van RensburgErik Janse van Rensburg

Erik van Rensburg’s passion for travelling and engaging with people from different cultures and backgrounds is what first made him pick up a camera to capture these experiences. Naturally he fell in love with photography. Erik was born in South Africa, moved to the United Kingdom in 2002 and since 2012 Erik has lived in Cambodia semi-permanently where he co-owns a travel photography tours business. The thing that makes him feel …more