The KHUSELA Foundation

The KHUSELA Foundation's charity work gives financial help to the Africa Foundation.

Recent Photo Stories

  • The Tile Makers

    The Tile Makers

    Cambodia’s tile makers are facing the challenges of a more open economy and unless these businesses ...

  • Charm of China

    Charm of China

    In March 2014 Victoria Knobloch travelled to the southern Chinese province of Guangxi. She was in search of ...

  • Faces of Omo

    Faces of Omo

    The Omo Valley in the far south of Ethiopia is an anthropologist’s dream. It is considered the last tribal area in Africa that ...

  • Chasing polar bears in the high arctic

    Chasing polar bears in the high arctic

    The high arctic is a changing environment, it is not my intention to discuss about the ...

About Us

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    Who we are

    KHUSELA is a progressive travel photo website and email. Every second week an inspirational travel photo story will be published and emailed directly to our subscribers, across the globe.

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    What we do

    We have one objective, and that is to inspire. If we can inspire one person a week to travel, do something creative, help others, have faith, believe, or only to share, we’ll have succeeded.

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    Why we do it

    We wish to give our photographers as much exposure as possible by publishing and selling their best work. We work closely with all photographers so please get in touch to share your work.

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